GARFINKEL Athletic Medical Supplies (GAMS)

We at GAMS would like to introduce you to the new products in Sports Medicine Supplies. Our focus is intended to supply all professionals in the Rehabilitation Industry and their patients, with quality athletic medical supplies at a reasonable cost.

In 2004, Mr. Jeff Garfinkel, the founder of GAMS, started selling athletic medical supplies to his patients, athletes, soccer teams and other healthcare professionals in Regina, SK. Mr. Garfinkel is a remedial massage therapist, and is currently practicing in Winnipeg, MB. GAMS is now being offered in Winnipeg, MB. Jeff’s passion for sports and expertise in the Rehabilitation Industry drove him to start up an athletic medical supply store in Regina, SK, and now in Winnipeg, MB.

We at GARFINKEL Athletic Medical Supplies are pleased to offer a vast array of sports medicine products. Our web site highlights many of our products, and it is imperative that our clients understand that many other products are available. Please contact us if you don’t find a product you are looking for, we will do our best to find it for you. We look forward to talking to you personally about all your sports medicine needs.

GARFINKEL Athletic Medical Supplies helping you survive the sports you love!!